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About Children’s Film Academy

CFA brings joyful learning to children through hands on training in filmmaking. Film education programs at CFA are designed in a way that children learn about themselves and the world around them through the joy of making their own films, watching films with a greater critical awareness, and developing their own multiple talents through the medium that embraces almost all the arts as well as the latest technology.

Children doing the CFA course acquire basic skills in filmmaking, ranging from story writing, acting, direction, cinematography, editing and sound design to animation. Working together in small teams, children enhance their skills in languages, comprehension, visualization, and expression. Above all, it provokes them to think, feel and assess their values in a whole new way.

We work with schools and organisations, offering programs in filmmaking, These range from short filmmaking workshops to round-the-year modules. ‬ We also help in setting up film clubs and organizing children’s film festivals, pre-designed‬ or custom-made for specific needs/specific‬ themes.

Our aim is to inspire children to imagine, to believe and to create whatever they can dream.