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CFA brings joyful learning to children through hands on training in filmmaking. Film education programs at CFA are designed in a way that children learn about themselves and the world around them through the joy of making their own films, watching films with a greater critical awareness, and developing their own multiple talents through the medium that embraces almost all the arts as well as the latest technology.

Children doing the CFA course acquire basic skills in filmmaking, ranging from story writing, acting, direction, cinematography, editing and sound design to animation. Working together in small teams, children enhance their skills in languages, comprehension, visualization, and expression. Above all, it provokes them to think, feel and assess their values in a whole new way.

We work with schools and organisations, offering programs in filmmaking, These range from short filmmaking workshops to round-the-year modules. ‬ We also help in setting up film clubs and organizing children’s film festivals, pre-designed‬ or custom-made for specific needs/specific‬ themes.

Our aim is to inspire children to imagine, to believe and to create whatever they can dream.

A Certificate Course
in Practical Film Making

This is a comprehensive course in learning the craft of making films. Spread across the academic year, it is conducted within or after the school hours in the school premises. The program comprises of 36 hours of tuition time – spread across 7 months. (July to January/ or as per the school’s calendar).

Every batch will have a maximum of 40 students, who will be divided into four filmmaking units of ten participants each. Participants will rotate their positions as Producers, Scriptwriters, Directors, Camerapersons, Actors, Sound Recordist, Editors, and the camera crew.


Participants go through each stage of filmmaking with detailed hands-on exercises in eight sessions of three hours each. Through fun-filled, yet intense sessions, children work in earnest to make their own film. They have a DVD of their own film at the end and the school staff and students can attend a film festival of their films!

Schools may like to offer these eight session workshops which can be flexibly adjusted so that they can be held every week/weekend over two months or over a short course of eight days, a fun-filled , intense learning adventure in filmmaking.

A Beginner’s Course
in Filmmaking

This is an introduction to the craft of filmmaking. It gives a sweeping overview of the entire process of filmmaking. In eight sessions of 90 minutes each, participants work in teams to make a film all their own !They get hands on training in script/storyboarding/directing /acting and shooting their own film!

Schools may like to offer these eight session workshops which can be easily held within/after school hours or even on weekends/ or over a short vacation! Participants may discover the exciting medium of cinema is not so difficult to handle after all!

Film Club

We help schools to set up their own film clubs. The clubs can organize regular film screenings of an international selection of best children’s films. A monthly subscription can be charged from students who are members of the club. There will be one special screening of a film chosen for a specific quality/theme every month. The screening will be followed by a discussion/quiz/games anchored by a CFA coordinator. The members will have their very own film club membership badges and other privileges.

Duration : Annual Programme
Timing: A 90 minute film screening programme

Film Festival

Schools can now have their own film festivals! It can be an annual treat for the entire school, or an annual arts program designed thematically or for select age groups! We can organize theme-based or general film festivals for pre- primary, primary and secondary students with an international selection of sensitive, value-based films for children. The festivals would also have speakers from the film industry, workshops and other fun-filled educational filmmaking activities.

CFA brings to India for the first time an international filmmaking programme for children, Cinema Cent Ans De Jeunnesse, created and co-ordinated by Cinematheque Francaise, Paris running in fourteen countries across Europe and Great Britain. The Programme has been highly popular for its educational approach that nurtures ways of seeing along with imparting skills of expression through the cinematic medium.

This programme blends a structured learning experience with hands on training in making films that express their distinct Indian vision.

A unique feature of this program is that every year it dwells on one aspect of cinema. In the previous years, these have included light/shade, color, camera movement, hidden/revealed, foreground/background, Play, Spaces and the Stories They Tell , among others.The programme culminates in a film made by the participants on this theme.


Ganga Mukhi has a unique expertise in teaching filmmaking as she combines her background in English literature with a degree in film direction from the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune. A senior lecturer in a degree college before joining films, Ganga Mukhi has also done a Course in Educational Leadership from the University of West Georgia, USA. She has taught briefly at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune and at Whistling Woods, Mumbai. Her short films have been invited to festivals in India and abroad.


K Rajesh is an independent filmmaker. He has specialized in film editing from the FTII, Pune. After editing feature films and documentaries, he entered film direction and has made a Hindi feature film, several social message films, TV commercials and short films. He has a varied and practical experience of filmmaking in the latest digital media that are in wide use today.


Arun Bhaskar has completed his diploma in cinematography from the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata. He has worked on several documentaries and feature films as a cinematographer. Making education meaningful and joyful for children is a concern close to his heart. He has conducted several cinematography workshops for children.

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